Pushing Axure 

Axure is a prototyping tool that I've used for several years and at almost every company where I've designed. Below are some more unconventional uses for this software, mostly with the goal of seeing what is possible in a vanilla version. I did not use Javascript injections in any of these demos because the nature of my work is usually in large teams where custom code gets hard to maintain and edit. Some of the knowledge gained from these exercises has made it into several client projects. 


Interactive & Dynamic Graph

Working with real data is a challenge in Axure. I was able to convert a .csv file into an Axure repeater and create a dynamic solution for displaying, sorting, and interacting with bar graphs within the software. 

Interpolating Circular Motion

One of the most requested features in Axure 7 was the ability to use rotation and circular motion. Axure 8 BETA has added this, but before that was an option, I developed a way to interpolate circular motion using the existing tools in AX7. The secret sauce is in the code below. 

X : [[This.x+This.width/2-Target.height/2 + Math.sin((-sec*circ)/60+pi)*This.width/2]]
Y : [[This.y+This.height/2-Target.width/2 + Math.cos((-sec*circ)/60+pi)*This.width/2]]

Building Libraries

While evaluating the Axure 8 BETA for my company, I built interactive icons and animations using newly added features. These were put in a library that anyone at the company had access to, and were used on several projects as we integrated AX8 into our workflows. 


Using the circular motion method I developed, I was able to use some more advanced variables in Axure that give users access to the Javascript Date object. The result was a fully functioning animated clock.


One of the tasks I've taken on as my time with Axure evolved has been to teach other people how to use the tool in more efficient ways that scale as the complexity of a project inevitably increases. This was one of several tools that I've created to help users learn while interacting with the finished project and source files.